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After “Capitalism, A Love Affair”

Yes, Michael Moore is a master of hyperbole.

No, there is nothing about his work that would pass for objective, but having spent ten years in journalism I genuinely believe objectivity is a myth, and not a very helpful one at that.

See the movie, “Capitalism, A Love Affair,” and decide for yourself.  Research the story from other sources, and still you will not be able to argue much against the general notion that our 700 billion dollar bail out of Wall Street banks has been the grandest larceny in world history.  When Senator Paul Simon ran for president in 1984 he called the financing of the national debt to pay for Reagan’s war build up, “The largest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy in world history.”  This last boondoggle is far worse, far more criminal, for less documented in anything like what would pass for accepted accounting practices.

But beyond exposing the grand thefts of the Reagan and Bush presidencies, Moore has clobbered us again with the not so subtle ideal that our lives should be about what we do for the common good rather than what we own.  My cousin, Pat Hunt, wrote her column for the Waynesboro News Virginian just last week about the corrupting influence of a culture that judges us by what we wear, drive, and the houses we live in.

My response to experiences like seeing Moore’s film is always to wonder what can I do?  What should I encourage my friends to do?  How can we organize, work, promote, talk to each other, urge, plot, do something!  But my experience tells me I will do the best I can to write another blog, another newspaper column, another note on facebook, and preach as passionately as I can on Sunday morning at the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and let the chips fall where they may.  I’m not much of an organizer, worker, promoter, urger, plotter or doer beyond my writing and preaching.  I write and preach what I can.  The rest of you let me know how you are stepping up to the plate.

More on this later.  I promise.