A question of service

Gary Phillips asked me to suggest some things to say to 30 or so gathered young people about the question of service.

Some famous psychologist was once asked what he would do if brought the most psychotic patient he had ever treated. He said he would take him to find somebody worse off. Anne Wilson Schaef says the central lie of our contemporary culture is the lie of powerlessness. We all have power to do something. Gandhi said, “It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters that you do it.” Service is also about forming an alliance or a partnership, not coming from a position of big power to offer service to someone with less power. We should always look over at those we seek to serve, never down. Because good service is perfected in the heart and the mind of the servant, offering more than it requires, we should approach it as a gift, never a chore. Despite the hungers of our ego, it is always more fun to serve than to be served, although there are times when both can be a blast. Always do it out of a sense of fun, never make it a chore.  Blessings on the 30 or so gathered. Kiss them all.


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