Never Losing Sight

F. Scott Fitzgerald told his daughter, Scotty, “Never lose sight of what you’re aiming at.” The target looks like an interaction in which one person, or a bunch of people, feel valued, validated, loved, encouraged, empowered, and as though they understand what is really going on. What is really going on? The universe is a conspiracy in our favor. We’re all in this together. Life is good, not a dirty trick being played by an old man and a devil cutting cards over whether we live or die. Love makes the world go round. Good guys don’t just make it in the movies. Love is all we need. Children, old people. dogs and cats are all highly underrated. We’re not all that bad. The best we ever do is who we really are. That last one hangs on Tommy Hicks’s wall. If you don’t believe it’s true, then get to know Thomas Mcbrayer Hicks. He’s on facebook. He’s been in a battle with Muscular Dystrophy since he was seven years old. That was 48 years ago. Kennedy was president. Even after 48 years of the toughest wrestling match you can imagine, he still loves football, poker, women, and Jesus, maybe not in that order. Not losing sight of what you’re aiming at has a lot to do with that cross stitch, which his mom did for him, hanging on his wall, “The best you ever did is who you really are.” Babe Zaharias also said, “A single moment of joy is a lifetime.” That one’s on the money, too.


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