Falling In Love With Everything

Quotes from the Book

This book is about a lot of things, including the word, “everything,” but basically it is a book I am writing to save my life, save my sanity, and maybe offer some help to you as you save your life and save your sanity

There are days when I feel after two divorces, going broke in business three times, and getting fired from four jobs that I am winning some kind of loser contest, and on those days I will call one of a handful of friends, a tiny handful of friends, and tell them I feel like firing bullets into my heart, and they will tell me how adorable I am, and I will feel better and go on.

Guilt and frustration cause us to turn away, to stop, to grind our teeth and ball up our fists.
Love helps us to just stop fighting and pay attention to what is going on…

What specialist do you go to when you are in love with a woman who loves you very deeply and passionately, but who experiences no chemical reaction in your presence? Is it a comedy routine for the angels?

I am not very good at convincing the objects of my desire to feel for me what I felt for them, but I have been very, very good at falling in love. I’m telling you, I even fall in love with the numbers on the sides of mailboxes.

As a child, I believed the mentally ill were crazy. I believed they screamed all the time and stared at the ceiling, rocked incessantly, and babbled. Now, I genuinely believe they can be elected president, host radio talk shows, and certainly drive in traffic with the rest of us.